More information on the technical issue of June Friday 17 / Saturday 18

Some of you may have seen and/or experienced difficulties to log in and use MailReach from Friday June 17 7PM (GMT+2) to Saturday 18 4PM (GMT+2).

We care to clarify what happened to be 100% transparent with our dear users.

We have been encountering an important technical issue due to our hosting provider. What was supposed to be a simple database upgrade became something more complex and heavy to solve.

The tech team from the hosting provider has been very poor at solving this and we decided to switch to another hosting provider, more reliable, more efficient.

The whole MailReach tech team worked day and night to fix that (no sleeping for them 😢), it's now getting better and better as times goes on.

Everything is going back to normal BUT the volume of warming emails sent and received dropped between June Friday 16 and Saturday 18.

You'll see this drop in your warming dashboards but this won't have negative effects to your deliverability / reputation. You don't have to worry about this.

We're sorry for the inconvenience and we're doing the maximum to minimize the risk of this happening again.


Updated on: 18/06/2022

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