What is the Reputation Score ?

What is the Reputation (or Sender) Score and when will I get it?

The Reputation Score evaluates the health of your email address.
It's mainly based on when your warming emails land, the age of your domain and your DNS records.
It's NOT an indicator that tells if your address is ready to send campaigns.
You get your Reputation Score 3 days after connecting the email address. Why 3 days ? Because MailReach needs enough data to analyze in order to provide the sender score of your email address.
It fluctuates and that's OK but sudden drops can require actions from your end.
If your score drops, it's the result of having a spam spike, which is likely to happen (that's common especially while sending campaigns). We got your back with the best guide ever to fix spam spikes ASAP : How to help fix a spam spike and/or reputation score drop using MailReach

Updated on: 16/01/2023

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