What is the Reputation Score ?

What is the Reputation Score?

Your Reputation Score is the best indicator of your sender reputation mostly towards Gmail (Google Workspace) and Outlook (Office 365) and to a lesser proportion, other inbox providers.

The sender reputation isn't equal to deliverability. Sender reputation is one of the 3 main criteria of deliverability.

A perfect deliverability (landing 100% in inbox) requires meeting 3 criteria:

A positive sender reputation : the hardest part of the deliverability job. Our email warmer helps you improve and maintain it over time.
Sending non-spammy email content : making sure your content doesn't make you land in spam. One link is enough to land in spam. Use our Deliverability Test to check this.
Using a non-spammy sending setup : using a well-known email service or inbox provider, not an exotic one (custom SMTPs) and being properly authenticated (SPF, DKIM).

1. The Reputation Score is 100% based on where your warming emails land.

Sending 100% innocent emails to inboxes and see where they land is the most reliable way to score your sender reputation. MailReach emails are 100% innocent as they contain zero spammy element: no links, no tracking, no images, no attachments, no spam words. If an innocent email like ours lands in spam, it's because of your sender reputation (on the address, domain, IP level) or email service provider.

2. The score gives more weight on the last days.

Obviously, to be the most accurate and up to date, the score gives more weight on the last days as your reputation may vary significantly between days.

3. It gives more weight on Gmail (Google Workspace) and Outlook (Office 365) inboxes.

When your warming emails land in inbox in Google Workspace or Office 365 mailboxes, it has more weight in your Reputation Score than landing in inbox on a IONOS mailbox since Gmail and Microsoft are more used than the smaller inbox providers.

When do you get your Reputation Score?

You get your Reputation Score 3 days after connecting your email to MailReach.

MailReach needs to gather enough data to analyze and be able to give your score with accuracy as it's 100% based on where your warming emails land.

What makes the Reputation Score decrease?

Your Reputation Score is the result of your practices. Best practices = best score. Bad practices = low score.

Over-sending: sending more than 150 cold emails / day
Receiving too many spam complaints from your recipients: people are pissed off by your emails: bad targeting, error in the email, shitty email, too pushy, shitty offer, etc
No easy-to-spot and working unsubscribe link: no unsubscribe link = more spam complaints.
Too many follow-ups: the more follow ups you send, the more spam complaints you get.
Sharing your sending IP with spammers: if your emails are sent from an IP also used by spammers, then this low reputation IP will impact your Reputation Score.

How to get the highest Reputation Score?

Follow our dedicated guide : How to get the highest reputation score

Updated on: 23/03/2023

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