How to filter and hide MailReach emails in your inbox [Gmail / Office 365]

If you send campaigns from secondary mailboxes and redirect the replies to your customers' (or sales reps), we have a dedicated guide to help you prevent warming emails to be forwarded to their inbox (Gmail).

By default, MailReach emails are hidden from your mailbox and stored in a folder named "To Follow", but it can't be 100% reliable (that's normal) and it can take some time.
In this guide, you'll be guided to set up a filter to hide the emails and redirect them without any delay and with more reliability.
It should take you 3 minutes.

Step 1 : copy your warm up content code in the settings of your email account in MailReach

In your MailReach account, select your email account and go in its settings
Find "Your warming content code" and copy the code (include the "-" if there's one)

Step 2 : create the filter to hide the emails and redirect them

If you use Gmail / Google Workspace / Gsuite

Go into the Gmail settings

Go to 'Filters and Blocked Addresses'
Click on 'Create a new filter'
In the 'Has the words' field, paste your warming content code

Click on 'Create filter'
Check "Skip the Inbox (Archive it)"
Click on "Apply the label" and select "To Follow"
Click on Create filter. You're done 🎉

If you use Microsoft / Outlook / Office 365

Click on the Settings wheel
Search for "Inbox rules" in the field and click on it

Click on Add a new rule
Name it "Hide warming emails" or whatever you prefer
Add a condition "Message body includes"
Paste here the warming content code you've copied earlier
Add an action "Move to"
Select the folder named "To Follow" (it should already exist)
Click Save

At the end, your new rule should match the following

Congrats, you're done 🎉

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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