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User suspended by Google. Why it happens and what to do about it.

First, relax. It's a classic. It happens to the best of us.

It usually happens because of spam complaints. Google has automatic triggers that auto suspends an email account if it's marked as spam too many times (impossible to know the number).

It can happen from time to time and apart from the fact that's it annoying to have to reactivate the address, the suspension does not affect your deliverability / reputation.

That's just an automated security by Google but it does not prevent you from having a good deliverability especially if you use an email warming solution like MailReach.

From our experience, it NEVER resulted as a permanent ban, never. It may change in the future but I seriously doubt that since you pay Google, you're a paid customer.

How to reduce the risk of getting suspended again?

The question you need ask yourself is : why do people mark my emails as spam ?

Here are the main causes of spam complaints :

It’s difficult to unsubscribe from your email : the number one cause. That's mathematical. If you don't have an easy-to-spot unsubscribe link = more spam complaints. And, NO, saying "reply unsubscribe to stop receiving emails" => that sucks and destroys your deliverability.
Your email is too pushy or salesy
You send too many follow-ups
Your email is irrelevant for them : bad targeting.
Your email contains an error they didn’t like (‘Hi Last Name’ for example is a good one)
Your email pisses them off in some other way

Read, Re-read our absolute best practices to minimize the risk of this happening again :

How to Prevent Emails From Going to Spam – The Ultimate, No Bullshit Email Deliverability Guide.
The Best Cold Email Deliverability Sending Strategy to Avoid Landing in Spam.

In all cases, you need to find out what pisses off people and you need to makes changes until you have fewer suspensions or none.

Conclusion. Don't stress, but think of making changes to minimize the risk of it happening again.

No panic, but that's an indicator that tells you "Some people don't like your emails". And you want your emails to be liked by the most part of your recipients. Look for improvements you can do.

Updated on: 27/04/2022

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