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How to connect a Gmail / Google Workspace account to MailReach with an App Password


First you have to turn on the 2-Step Verification in your Google account.
Then we'll make sure that IMAP is enabled.
Once 2-Step Verification is ON and IMAP enabled, we'll guide you to create an App Password (a password dedicated to MailReach).
And that's it, you'll then be able to connect your inbox to MailReach.

Step 1 : Enable 2-Step Verification in your Google account


Login to the Google account, click on the Avatar in the top right corner and then click on Manage your Google account.

In the navigation panel, select Security. Scroll down a bit, under Signing in to Google, click on 2-Step Verification and then Get started.

If you don't see that option, it means that the Google Workspace Admin didn't allow users to turn on 2-Step Verification, see the Troubleshooting section below.

Follow the on-screen steps.

Step 2 : Enable IMAP in the mailbox

In the mailbox, go to the Settings by clicking on the wheel on the top right like in the screenshot below (1)

Then go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP settings (2),
Click on enable IMAP (3)
Save (4).

The settings should look like this:

Step 3 : Create an App Password and Sign in to MailReach using it


Go back to your Google Account settings
In the navigation panel, select Security. Under "How you sign in to Google" select 2-Step Verification.
Go to the bottom of the page and click on App Passwords.
In the Select App dropdown, select Other. You can name this password "**MR**" or any other name, it doesn't matter.
Click on Generate.
Copy your generated App Password (that's the one you'll use to connect the account to MailReach).
Go back on MailReach > Connect
In the password field, paste the 'App Password' you just generated (it's NOT the password of the mailbox but the App Password generated for MailReach).
Fill in the other fields : email, sender first name, sender last name.
Click on Sign in with the Google App Password.
Your account should be connected.

TROUBLESHOOTING - If you can't manage to connect, try the following solutions

Scenario 1 : you don't see the option to turn on 2-Step Verification

It's because in the Admin level of the Google Workspace, the option to turn on 2-Step verification has been disabled for users.

The Admin needs to allow the users to turn on the 2-Step verification.

To do so :

You (if you have an Admin account) or the Admin, needs to sign in to Google as an Administrator of the Workspace.
Once signed in as an Admin, go to or type 2-Step verification in the search bar and check the box Allow users to turn on 2-Step Verification.
Go back to Step 1 to turn on 2-Step Verification and follow the next steps.

Scenario 2 : you can't find the App Passwords

Make sure you have turned on 2-Step Verification by going to your Google Account settings > Security.
In the search bar type "App Passwords" and go on the App Passwords page.
Go back on the Step 3 for the following instructions.

Scenario 3 : you turned on 2-Step Verification but still can't connect :

When trying to connect to MailReach, make sure to use the app password generated in Step 3 NOT the regular password of the Gmail account.
Make sure you have done all the steps on in the right Google Account, not a different one.
Make sure your App Password has been correctly filled.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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