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How to connect an Office 365 account to MailReach

Step 1 : Log in to Office 365 and go to the admin center page

Click on the grid on the top left corner and choose Admin.

Step 2 : On the left menu, go to Azure Active Directory

On the left menu, click on Show all
Scroll down a bit and click on Azure Active Directory

You land on a new page, click on Azure Active Directory on the left menu
A new menu appears, scroll down and click on Properties

Step 3 : Disable security defaults

On the bottom, click on Manage Security Defaults
Select No within the right hand slider window

Step 4 : Go to the email settings of the email account you want to connect

On the left menu, click on Users > Active Users. Choose the account you want to connect by clicking on it, you should see a flyout coming from the right, click on Mail > Manage Email Apps

Step 5 : Make sure Authenticated SMTP is activated

On the new flyout on the right, make sure Authenticated SMTP is checked like on the screenshot below. Then click on Save Changes. You should see a confirmation message highlighted in green telling you the infos have been updated.

Step 6 : Wait one hour max and try connecting your account to MailReach

Once you completed the previous steps, it can sometimes take up to 1 hour for your changes to propagate. 10 minutes is usually the minimum.

Once you've waited enough time, you can try to connect your email account to MailReach using your credentials.

Updated on: 22/03/2022

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