How to connect Google Workspace accounts to MailReach using Domain-Wide Delegation

The Step-By-Step Guide - (Takes 4 minutes, has to be done only once per Workspace)

Sign in to Google Cloud Platform.

Make sure you're logged in with an Admin account of the Google Workspace you want to connect to MailReach. If this is the first time you've used the Google Cloud Platform, you will need to agree to the terms of service popup.

On the dashboard, click the CREATE PROJECT button on the right 👇

In the 'Project Name' field, choose a random name (you can use the suggested one), then click Create. It can take some time to load your project.

Click on Enable APIs and Services

In the Enable APIs and services field, enter Gmail API. It should display as you type. Click on it.

Select Gmail API

Click Enable

On the left menu, click on Credentials

Click on Create credentials and then Service account

In the three fields of Service account details, put any random name, it doesn't matter. Then click on Create and continue

For "Grant this service account access to the project", leave that empty and click on Continue

Same for "Grant users access to this service account", leave that empty and lick on Done

In the bottom under "Service Accounts", on the right, click on the Pen to Edit

Copy the Unique ID (you'll paste it later in the process)

In the top menu, click on Keys

Click on Add Key > Create New Key > JSON > Create. It will download a file on your computer.

Now, in a new tab open the Google Workspace Admin. Make sure you connect to the Google workspace that contains the email account(s) you wish to connect to MailReach.

On the left menu and click on Security > Access and data control > API controls

At the bottom, click on Manage Domain-Wide Delegation

To the right of "API Clients", click on Add new

In the Client ID field, paste your Client ID (the one that you copied at Step 15)

In OAuth Scopes (comma-delimited), copy and paste the following,,

Click on Authorize

Go back on MailReach and upload the JSON file that you've downloaded earlier

Click on Next and follow the on-screen steps.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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