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How to connect Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) SMTP to MailReach

Step 1 : Find your SMTP username and SMTP key

Click your name on the top-right menu.
Choose SMTP & API.
Under the SMTP tab, you’ll find your SMTP Username (=Login) and SMTP key

Step 2 : Find your IMAP credentials

MailReach needs you to connect with IMAP to generate meaningful conversations, put the replies in threads and hide MailReach emails from your inbox.

Your IMAP information are the credentials of the inbox where the replies of your recipients land.

If you have no inbox where you receive the replies of your recipients :

You can create a Google or Office 365 inbox and use it to connect with IMAP.

Create a Gmail / Google Workspace or Office 365 account
Adjust the settings of the account to be able to connect it as IMAP to MailReach

For a Gmail / G Workspace inbox, create an App password for MailReach like explained here : Gmail / Google Workspace settings
For an Office 365 account, use the settings here : Office 365 settings

Go back to MailReach. In the Sendinblue connection form, enter the connection infos as following for IMAP :

For Gmail / Google Workspace
host :
port : 993
IMAP username : your Gmail address
IMAP password : the App password generated for MailReach earlier.

For Outlook / Office 365
host :
port : 993
IMAP username : your Outlook address
IMAP password : your Outlook password

Step 3 : On MailReach, enter your credentials and sign in

It should work. If not please ping us in the chat

Updated on: 18/09/2023

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