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[FIX] MailReach can't find inbound warming emails in your inbox / IMAP

This issue comes from the fact MailReach can't find the replies of your email warming activity or any direct warming emails from our network.

To work properly and in the best conditions, email warming is done by sending, receiving warming emails and positive / interested replies from our network of inboxes. When facing this issue, the emails that you should receive from MailReach's network are not found / delivered in your inbox.

For the tech people : this is an IMAP issue. IMAP is the inbox where your inbound emails / replies to your sending address land.

Let's fix this.

Step 1 : use another mailbox you own to send a test email to the email address that has the issue.

From a different mailbox (your personal one for example), send a test email to the email address for which MailReach can't find the replies / inbound emails (the address being warmed).

Wait 3 minutes to make sure the email has enough time to land.

Once you have sent the email, there are 3 possible scenarios :

Scenario 1 : your test email bounced (you got an error message on your test email)

A bounced email is an error message telling you that your email couldn't be delivered for any reason.

Here's an example of a bounce :

Check the mailbox you used to send your test email.

If your test email bounced back (= you got an error message), it's related to your MX records being misconfigured. Please check our dedicated guide to fix that : How to fix email configuration problems

Scenario 2 : your test email didn't bounce BUT it never landed anywhere (you can't find it anywhere).

It can be due to two cases:

Case 1: Your MX records are not well set up.

Case 2: There is technically no inbox behind your address being warmed*. There's no place to receive any email and thus the replies to your warming emails.

Case 1 Fix:

Check your MX records and make sure they match the set up connected to MailReach.

If your IMAP / Inbox (where you receive your replies / inbound emails) is a Gmail, then the domain's DNS of that inbox should contain Google MX. If that's an Outlook / Office 365 inbox then the MX records should be the Outlook / Microsoft ones.

Here's how to properly set up MX records for Gmail
Here's how to properly set up MX records for Office 365
For any other provider, you can do a google search _How to set up MX records for Your provider*_

Case 2 Fix:

You need to link an inbox to your sending address. If not, you can't receive any inbound email. That limits the efficiency of email warming and penalize your deliverability because you have less engagement.

To fix that, it's different for every email provider. You have to set this up with your provider. Contact their support if needed.

Your goal : your sending address should be able to receive emails OR should redirect the emails received to another inbox. And then connect this inbox to MailReach as IMAP.

Scenario 3 : your test email landed somewhere (the inbox of the sending address being warmed or in another inbox)

In this scenario, the good news is there's an inbox behind your sending address. That's good!

But still, MailReach can't find the replies to your warming emails. To fix that :

Fix 1 : Make sure you don't have set up a filter / a rule that automatically delete the warming emails / MailReach emails in the inbox.

Have you set up a filter / a rule in the inbox to automatically delete inbound warming emails ? Sometimes, people do that to hide the warming emails of MailReach.

If you have a filter / a rule like this, adjust it to make it ARCHIVE the emails, not delete them. By doing this, they will still be hidden and it should fix the issue.

Fix 2 : For the following providers : Sendinblue / MailGun / Sendgrid / Custom SMTP

You're technically able to receive emails sent to your address being warmed on MailReach.

Your test email landed somewhere but since MailReach can't find the warming emails in the inbox behind the email address being warmed, it means that the inbox (IMAP) connected to MailReach is different that the one that really receives the emails / replies.

Make sure the mailbox you connected as IMAP is the one that received your test email.

In MailReach > Email Warmer > Find the email account and click on Show.
Go in Settings > Edit credentials
Make sure the IMAP details match the IMAP details of the inbox where you received your test email.

If you have made the test, applied the fixes and still face the issue, ping us using our chat.

The fixes listed above fix 99.99% of the cases, if you're not lucky today and have tried everything, tell us

Updated on: 06/05/2024

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