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Why my email account has been disconnected from MailReach and how to fix?

You account can be disconnected from MailReach for various reasons :

Your email account got suspended by your provider for spamming : happens a lot on Google Workspace and Office 365 for example.
You got a temporary error on your server if you're connected with custom SMTP / IMAP
The password of the email has been changed
Your domain name has expired
You haven't paid your email provider
Another reason related to your provider

When it happens, we send you an email notification and MailReach automatically tries to reconnect your account during the next 60 minutes.

If after 60 minutes your account is not reconnected, we invite you to look for errors on your side such as :

Check if your email account has been suspended and if yes, reactivate it and connect it back on MailReach. Here's the process for Google suspensions.
Check for server errors, account suspension, password change, etc.
If the password has been changed, reconnect the account with the updated password.
Check if your domain is not expired.

Once you've checked on your side, if you still can't fix the issue, ask for help in the chat

Updated on: 02/06/2022

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