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How to fix email configuration problems


Your email address warmed on MailReach has been detected to have a configuration problem.

As it's on your end, MailReach can't solve it for you but we'll guide you to solve that ASAP.

The symptom is that your email has been detected as not reachable, it has generated at least one error message / a bounce. In other words, when other mailboxes try to send an email to your address, the email bounces back with an error.

This address is not able to receive inbound emails: no replies, limited conversations, not enough warming emails are sent - it reduces the power of MailReach and prevents you from receiving any email.

In most cases it's because of your MX records being misconfigured or the inbox being disabled or suspended.

In less than 10% of the cases, it can be a false positive alert because of the type of email bounces detected by MailReach. In all cases, please follow the steps below.

Step 1 - From a different inbox, send a test email to the email address that has the issue.

From a different mailbox (your personal one for example), send a test email to the email address that has the configuration problem
Wait 3 minutes max to make sure the email has enough time to land.

Case A : your email successfully landed in the inbox affected by the issue.

In that particular case, it can be two things :

1) Your inbox had a temporary issue that got fixed in the meantime. It can be on your inbox provider's end without you knowing it.
2) The alert from MailReach was a false positive one. We apologize for this stress, unfortunately we can't have a 100% accuracy for this issue.

It doesn't matter if that's the 1) or 2), you can ignore the notification and it should disappear by itself over the next 48 hours.

Case B : your email bounced back. You received an error message.

A bounced email is an error message telling you that your email couldn't be delivered for a specific reason. There are many different reasons.

Here's an example of a bounce :

First, read the error message you received. It may give you more info on the nature of the issue.
In most cases it's because of your MX records being misconfigured.
It can be also because the address is disabled (suspended).

Fixes :

1) If that's a MX Record problem

To help you understand :
Mail Exchange (MX) records are DNS records that are necessary for delivering email to your address.
They are set in the DNS zone of your domain, like the SPF, DKIM and DMARC records.
They are different depending on your email provider to receive emails.
For example, Google MX records are different than Microsoft MX records or than any other inbox provider.

Examples :

Let's say you send emails using Brevo and you receive the inbound emails / replies in a Gmail inbox, the MX have to be the Google MX records.
If you send emails from a custom SMTP server and receive the inbound emails / replies in a Microsoft inbox, the MX have be the Microsoft MX records.

How to fix :
As MX records are different for every inbox provider, you need to check with your inbox provider to know exactly what to put as MX records in your DNS zone.
To help, you can Google : "How to set [your inbox provider] MX records"
Make sure you set the MX records the right way.

Once you've updated the MX records, as DNS zones can take time to fully propagate, wait and come back tomorrow to see if you manage to receive emails on your address.

2) If that's a problem of suspended / disabled address

You need to reactivate the inbox to fix the problem. Once it's reactivated, the notification on MailReach should disappear under 48 hours max.

3) If that's another reason

Make sure to read the reason given by the error message. If you don't understand the reason, please reach out using the chat and we'll do our best to help.

Case C : your test email didn't bounce back BUT it never landed anywhere (you can't find it anywhere).

If your test email didn't bounce back but didn't land anywhere, it means there is technically no inbox behind your address being warmed.

That's an IMAP issue. MailReach can't find any inbound email in your inbox.

Fixes :

You need to link an inbox to your sending address. If not, you can't receive any inbound email. That limits the efficiency of email warming and penalizes your deliverability because you receive fewer positive interactions from MailReach.

To fix that, it's different for every email provider. You have to set this up with your provider. Contact their support if needed.

Your goal : your sending address should be able to receive emails OR should redirect the emails received to another inbox. And then make sure MailReach has an access to this inbox (connected with IMAP).

Once you have linked an inbox to your sending address, wait 24 hours and come back tomorrow to see if you manage to receive emails on your address.

Step 2 : wait 24 hours and see

If you're on the Case A or B and have applied a fix:

Wait 24 hours
In the inbox linked to your email address, check if you have received emails from MailReach (inbound emails) => check the folder named "To Follow", MailReach emails are stored inside.
The notification shouldn't pop again 48 hours after. If you still get it, it hasn't been fixed.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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