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[FIX] MailReach can't send emails from your Google account

You're having this notification because all the 'OAuth scopes' haven't all or correctly been allowed for MailReach.

In this guide, we'll make sure you add the correct 'OAuth scopes' by adding MailReach again as an API Client in the Google Workspace admin and reconnect your Google account to MailReach right after.

Here's the step by step process :

Step 1 : In the Google Workspace Admin, re-enter the OAuth Scopes for MailReach

Sign in to your Google Admin console (Sign in using an administrator account).
Under Security > Access and data control > go to API controls.
Scroll down and under Domain wide delegation click on Manage domain wide delegation.
Delete MailReach as an API client. We'll add it again to make sure it's correct.
Click on Add new.
In Client ID > copy and paste the following :
In OAuth scopes > copy and paste the following :,profile <= it has to be exactly like this, very important.
Click on Authorize. Well done.

Step 2 : Go back to MailReach and reconnect your Google account

Go back on MailReach
Go on the Email Warmer menu > Find the Google account and click on Show > Settings > Reconnect
Click on Sign in with Google Workspace

Step 3 : Wait 2 hours and come back on your MailReach account dashboard and make sure it works now

On MailReach, find your email account and check its "Where your warming emails land" graph.
You should now see at least one email sent that is not missing. It can be in inbox or spam.

Updated on: 04/04/2022

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