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How to fix received emails not found by MailReach

You received a notification saying that MailReach can't find the received messages on the address you entered as IMAP.

That means that when you first connected your email address to MailReach, you entered an inbox as IMAP in which MailReach can't find any email received.

Step 1 : Send an email to the sending address (the one connected to MailReach, that sends the warming emails).

Check where it lands : it should land in the inbox you entered as IMAP. If not, it confirms there's a problem. Go to the next step.

Step 2 : Make sure IMAP is correctly set up.

In MailReach, go in the settings of the email account.
Click on Edit credentials
Here make sure to enter as IMAP an inbox where MailReach will be able to find the received emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to connect with IMAP?

MailReach needs you to connect with IMAP to generate meaningful conversations, put the replies in threads and hide MailReach emails from your inbox.

IMAP is the inbox where the replies land.

Where to find my IMAP information?

To find your IMAP credentials, you need to check with your email provider by looking at their documentation or by chatting with their support.

If you have no inbox where you receive the replies of your recipients :

You can create a Google or Office 365 inbox and use it to connect with IMAP.

Create a Gmail / Google Workspace or Office 365 account
Adjust the settings of the account to be able to connect it as IMAP to MailReach

Gmail / Google Workspace settings
Office 365 settings

Updated on: 22/03/2022

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